A convivial, cheerful, informal place, where the rule is to let oneself be carried away by words, good music and the best glasses of wine that our territory and beyond is rich in.

Tastings with inviting platters of cold cuts and cheeses immersed in a "tavernesque" but never predictable atmosphere,

where everything can happen always and rigorously

In Vinum Veritas!



D'Annunzio who described himself as aquatic (teetotaler) said ...


To you I consecrate my body and my spirit lately, insular wine. The Lord God gives you to me, so that the pleasures of my spirit and my body may be inimitable. May you flow without respite from the quarter to the cup and from the cup to the gorgozzule. May I rejoice to the last breath of your smell, and of your color have my nose forever vermilion. And, as my spirit abandons my body, may my body be washed as a copy of you, and with pampani wrapped, and planted in the ground at the foot of a grapevine of clusters; that there is no better place to wait for the Day of Judgment ".


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